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Episode 90: Event Horizon For Your Reconsideration

Much like the titular Event Horizon, FYR vanished some time ago but has now miraculously reappeared.Join us as we discuss appalling cinema etiquette, report actual big foot news and ask the eternal question; does a movie actually have to make sense in order to be great? (Spoiler: It does not).Got a movie you think deserves reconsideration? Give us a shout on Twitter @FYRFilmPod or if you like what you hear, please drop us a 5-Star review along with your pick. We're also now on Instagram! Give us a follow @FYRFilmPod#FilmTwitter #PodernFamily #Podcasts #Podcasting #FilmHistory #Cinema #FilmPodcast #MoviePodcast #EventHorizon #LaurenceFishburne #SamNeill #PaulWSAnderson #Horror #SciFi Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. Episode 90: Event Horizon
  2. Episode 89: The Way of the Gun
  3. Episode 88: MacGruber
  4. Episode 87: Oblivion
  5. Episode 86: Armageddon

Blood Brothers Episode 105 with Anthony Horowitz The Blood Brothers Crime Writing Podcast

Bestseller and all round legend Anthony Horowitz joins Chris and Sean to chat about his Hawthorne books, writing in general and to give some excellent advice!
  1. Blood Brothers Episode 105 with Anthony Horowitz
  2. Blood Brothers Episode 104 with John Vercher
  3. Blood Brothers Episode 103 with Emma Styles
  4. Blood Brothers Episode 102 with AJ West
  5. Blood Brothers Episode 101 with Katy Watson

Spectre – Bond On The Big Screen – part 2 Really, 007!

Really, 007! celebrate the 60th anniversary of James Bond by watching every film at the cinema!Bond fell in love and met his arch nemesis (and stepbrother) Blofeld – in Spectre…Tom and John are joined by special guests Steve Clamp, Sam Rogers, Chris Eeles, Jon Auty, Bob Foster, Ciaran Richard, Gary K, Patch, Darren Bithell, Dom Cook, Noel Simpson, Thom Donnelly and Robert Redfern! Thanks for listening – we think you'll love it too!Disclaimer: Really, 007! is an unofficial entity and is not affiliated with EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. and Danjaq, LLC. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. Spectre – Bond On The Big Screen – part 2
  2. Spectre – Bond On The Big Screen – part 1
  3. The Queen & Bond
  4. Skyfall – Bond On The Big Screen – part 2
  5. Skyfall – Bond On The Big Screen – part 1

John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness The Tapes

As we continue our short series looking at the more undervalued gems in John Carpenter's filmography, we're joined by James Stuart from the For Your Reconsideration podcast. In this episode James, regular contributor Math Pickup and host Christopher Goldie discuss John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness.Thank you for listening. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @thetapespodArtwork by bettyrholt.comHidden Britain Sign Co. Handmade Signs & Print from British Folk Horror and Unsettling TV, Film & Literature.Find them on Twitter Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
  1. John Carpenter's Prince of Darkness
  2. John Carpenter's The Fog
  3. Doctor Who
  4. Candyman bonus episode
  5. Candyman


The name Corey Eubanks will always be associated with The Dukes of Hazard, but it doesn't just stop there. He has had the most extraordinary career over the last 40+ years.Big budget movies, doubling the leads, stunt coordinating, directing and starring in hundreds of productions.His life is a remarkable tale and if they ever did get to make the movie, they could do no better than offer it to the man who lived that life.Ladies and gentlemen…COREY EUBANKS